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Mission & Vision

Complet Project’s main activity is represented by the designing of parts and moulds for the processing of plastic materials using the latest technologies such as CAD/CAM/CAE.

Established in the year 2003, our company has a young staff, consisted of 4 designing engineers whom are open in using the latest technologies.

These qualifications are being assimilated through the ongoing participations in demonstrations, conference sessions, and last but not least, to the most important internal and international fairs.

Our entire team is being coordinated under the motto “The quality of product and the quality of project comes from quality of thinking.”

Complet Project is using the latest 3D software in this line of work, helping therefore your business with a promptly and easy implementation of the technical solutions.

Our designing services for plastic moulds are, most of all, of an enhanced complexity.

These are representing technical parts or plastic injection moulds from different fields of activities:

Auto Industry

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Appliances Industry

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Medical Industry

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