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Quality of Project and Quality of Product

Comes From Quality of Thinking


An idea

You have an idea? We can help you put it in practice.



We’re looking for the solutions that fit the best your requirements and endowments.



Our background experience and earnestness help us develop short-term projects with a high technical quality.


Project Delivery

The complexity and the high number of moulds designed, found in exploitation are our business card.

What we do?

COMPLET PROJECT is using the latest 3D software in this line of work, helping therefore your business with a promptly and easy implementation of the technical solutions, for the next services.

Development / Product Design

We are developing 3D parts designed for plastic injection, taking into account the fact that they must be feasible in accordance with the injection process. These parts can be accompanied by the 2D technical drawings of execution, as well as the subsequent possibility of 3D printing of the part.

Mould Design

The main activity of our company represents the designing of moulds for plastic injection, mono and bicomponent, injection using the IMD procedure, die casting, blowing and vacuuming.

Technical analysis of the project

Using our background experience, we perform technical analysis for mould projects designed by other companies, providing our customers with reliable solutions for a rigorous construction of the moulds which meets the precise requirements for its exploitation.

Feasibility study for parts

We are performing professional feasibility studies for complex parts, finishing by proposing viable solutions related to their modifications in order to reduce the conceptual complexities of the moulds.

Progress tools design

Another field of our activities is represented by the designing of progress tools, with applicability in different fields.

Electrodes Design

We are able to provide our customers the service of electrodes design.

CAM Programs

The programs are adapted to the technology and equipment that our customers are using.

Data Storage

Our projects are saved in a database so the access to the archive of our finished projects is handy.

Our mould designs services target the following industries :

Auto Industry

Appliances Industry

Medical Industry

Industries with various applications